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Electronic Document Interchange

Managing an electronic document workflow that takes into account the internal procedures of an organization. Document filing system based on several parameters, including scanning of letters.

Application integration

Ensuring integration between systems in order to exchange data between databases, execute selected functions of a system in other application, create a new application, etc.

B2B Solutions

B2B systems streamline sales processes, from placing an order up to receiving an invoice and completing a transaction. Shorter ordering and lead times, automation...

Business Process Management

Logito enables continuous optimization of business processes at companies, automation of document workflows, and integration of information systems.

Intranet Systems

Intranet is a tool for the internal communication system (Intranet portal), and it is accessible only for employees of the organization. This tool facilitates accessibility of the information...

Dedicated systems

Design and implementation of a system fulfilling individual, specialist business requirements.

E-commerce platforms

Our offer is addressed to Clients who need a tailored on-line store, allowing for full adjustment to the industry.

Mobile Applications

We design and build advanced mobile applications that will allow you to open up a new communication channel with your employees and customers.

SharePoint Applications

Applications developed using SharePoint technology that allow for the secure creation of group websites.

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