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LOGITO Sp. z o.o. derives from Ideo company that has over 13 years’ experience in designing and implementing dedicated applications for companies and public institutions. Thanks to our experience, we can offer your Company professional tools supporting all aspects of your business. So far, we have served more than 700 satisfied customers.

We have experience in designing, implementing, integrating and hosting systems for the financial sector as well as the automotive, medical, plastics, construction, etc. Our offer includes IT products, solutions and services. Their main objective is to support the business processes.

The web solutions subject to implementation require also integration with external systems. So far, we integrated with such systems as SAP, IFS, ORACLE, TecDoc, Vendo, Wapro, Lotus Notes, SharePiont, Perdix, Hermes, Subject gt, Promis, and many others. 

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Logito Sp. z o. o. |
Warszawa, Al. Niepodleg?o?ci 124/2, tel./fax: 22 24 41 777 | Rzeszów, ul. Nad Przyrw? 13, tel.: 17 860 21 86, fax: 17 86 111 71
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